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4 Fun, Family-Friendly Games to Play on Your Next Road Trip to Beat Boredom

4 Fun, Family-Friendly Games to Play on Your Next Road Trip to Beat Boredom

Taking a road trip with your family this summer? Even if you’re just trekking a few hours to a cabin, these simple games will get your mind off the drive and keep your kids engaged. No more hearing the phrase, “are we there yet?” 

I Spy

This game is simple and interactive. The best part is that really anyone can play, and it can be played anywhere. Start the game by finding something everyone can easily see. This could be an animal, a building, a road sign, etc. Then, describe the object without giving it away by providing clues about its size, shape, color, etc. The person who guesses correctly wins the round and gets to choose an object next.

20 Questions

This game will get everybody thinking! Start by picking someone to be the “answerer.” This person chooses an object but does not reveal it to the others. All other players are known as the “questioners.” Each “questioner” takes turns asking questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” As they keep guessing, more clues get revealed. The winner is the “questioner” who gets enough clues to guess the correct answer.


The License Plate Game

The most common thing you’ll see on your road trip is a license plate. Lucky for you, we have a great game to keep you entertained and it only involves license plates and knowing simple addition. Each player chooses a number between 1 and 9 to start the game. To score points, players must find a pair or a three of the number they have chosen on a single license plate. A pair of numbers is worth 2 points and 3 of the numbers is worth 3 points. The first player to get to 25 points wins.


The Alphabet Game

Need something to beat boredom on your ride? This game will do just that. The game is as simple as searching for letters in the alphabet. As a player finds a letter, they must call out the letter and the word. For example, if you see the word “Oranges” on a road sign, you must say, “O in Oranges.” You can use road signs, billboards or anything outside the car with words on it. Bonus if you start with A and go in order all the way to Z!


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