2018 Moombean Gold Winner ******for Best Series******

World Class Presentations



(Grades K-6) 50-60 Minutes
Kevin takes kids on an entertaining adventure of the process and team it takes to create a book. The author will show the kids his "Lucky Journal" which inspired him to start writing books. The journey continues with where his story ideas come from and his recount of the adventures keeps kids on the edge of their seats. The presentation concludes with the famous "Animal Sound Challenge" where kids get to test their skills at guessing which animals make what sounds. Live videos of the animals makes this not only cool but educational.

The Goal
Firing kids up about reading, writing and the outdoors.

What kids will learn
1. It takes a whole team to create a book.
2. Choosing an interesting topic helps the writing process.
3. Proofreading and editing at least three times will result in work they can be proud of.
4. Writing in a journal is fun and has many benefits.
5. Animals and the outdoors are very cool!

(Grades K-12) 50-60 Minutes

Kevin connects with kids in a special way to help them see what it takes to be a great person. 

The Goal
To inspire kids to make good choices which will help them become great individuals.

What the kids will learn
1. How making good choices on a daily basis will positively define who they are.
2. How making bad choices affect them and others.
3. Their potential is unlimited because every great person they know was once their age.

All presentations can be customized to meet your learning needs.