World Class Presentations


Presentation Options

Recommended for Grades K-6

Option 1. The Ultimate Author Experience

You get 1-2 Reading Frenzy Assemblies (50-60 minutes each)
You get the Author for up to 6 hours for the day.
Plus, one full set of the Author’s books ($360 Value)

 After the presentations the kids are now fired up and familiar with the author. Kevin then spends the rest of the day visiting classrooms and working with the kids on personal narrative stories that they would have completed before the visit. Each willing student will read their story, and as a group we’ll discuss how we could be more descriptive. This is a magical learning experience that leverages the excitement of having an established author working with the students on their own work. 

Option 2. The Reading Frenzy Assembly

You get up to 3 Reading Frenzy Assemblies at your school. (50-60 minutes each) No group to large. The topic, goals and benefits are described below.

Option 3. The Shared Reading Frenzy Assembly

You get one Reading Frenzy Assembly at your school and team up with two other schools in your area. The author will visit all three schools in one day. This is perfect for a school that is on a tight budget, and a fun way to get a whole community fired up for an author visit. No group too large.

The Reading Frenzy Assembly Described
(This can be modified to match your specific learning goals)

Bringing a Book to Life

The Author takes students on an educational and entertaining journey into the world of writing and illustrating children’s books-from early “sloppy copies” through hard work-intense revisions, and finally to a finished book. Emphasis is placed on the team of uniquely skilled individuals that work together to create a book. (Author, Editor, Illustrator, Designer)

The next part is having fun explaining where the story ideas come from. Each book is based on true encounters and the kids love to hear the author describe some of the adventures. 

The grand finale is the “World Famous” Animal call challenge. Kevin performs different animal calls hunters use and has the kids guess which animal makes the sound; if it’s a male or female and why a hunter would use the call. Then they get to watch video of the real animals making the sounds. The kids and staff love this.



The Goal for the Kids

Create a reading frenzy and a new appreciation for books and writing. Inspire excitement and knowledge for animals and the outdoors.

How the Goals are Achieved

  1. Spreading Kevin’s enthusiasm for books, animals and the outdoors.
  2. Explaining the work and team effort that goes into creating a published book.
  3. Explaining the benefits to picking a topic that is exciting to each individual.
  4. Explore why revisions are so important in creating work they can be proud of.
  5. Entertain and Educate the kids with the “World Famous” Animal Call Challenge.

Book Pre-Orders (Grades K-6)

A pre-order form and introduction flyer will be emailed to the organizer one month in advance of the presentation date. The form will introduce Kevin Lovegreen, the group he will be presenting to and the presentation topic. In addition, there will be a reduced-price book order form for parents to fill out and return one week prior to the presentation date (if they choose to purchase books). All books will be autographed.


MAKING GREAT CHOICES (A great talk for the older kids)
(Grades K-12) 50-60 Minutes

Kevin connects with kids in a special way to help them see what it takes to be a great person. 

The Goal
To inspire kids to make good choices which will help them become great individuals.

What the kids will learn
1. How making good choices on a daily basis will positively define who they are.
2. How making bad choices affect them and others.
3. Their potential is unlimited because every great person they know was once their age.

All presentations can be customized to meet your learning needs.