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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your presentations?
50-60 minutes is the typical presentation length. I will gladly adjust the time according to your schedule. 

What are the main learning points of your presentation? 
The most popular presentation I do is How to Bring a Book to Life. The main learning points are: It takes a whole team to create a book. The author, editor, illustrator, designer and printer. I will touch on each skill and how it helps the process. I will also include the kids in the discussion and see what skills they have that could correlate to each area. I spend extra time on picking the story and the editing process. Explaining how both play a big role in creating a story that they can be proud of. 

What equipment do you need when you arrive at our school? 
I need a way to play a PowerPoint with sound and video from my laptop. I bring a thumb drive for backup. The only other item is a six to eight foot table for props.

How far are you willing to travel? 
I will go just about anywhere.

Do you talk about guns? 
Guns are rarely brought up and I move on to another topic smoothly if they are. It has never been an issue at any school I have been to.

How big of an audience will you do? 
No audience size is too big or too small.

Can the students buy books from you?
Absolutely! I will do a pre-order form that is sent home about three weeks before I arrive. Most schools scan and email me the orders a few days before the presentation day. I will sign each kid’s names in the books and bring them the day I arrive. 

What is the best way for the kids to get to know you before a visit?
Schools have been very creative here. Ordering a handful of books well before the visit day and reading them with the kids in class works great. In addition, I have had schools put up large murals of me and a book cover. They have created a table with all the books highlighted in the library. They have had the kids draw pictures from the books or their own outdoor pictures. Teachers have some of the most creative minds and find many ways to get the kids fired up about an author visit!