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Elementary reading program ideas

Elementary reading program ideas

There are five unique reasons for including an outdoors speaker in your elementary school reading program for this year. First off, kids love to talk and hear about animals and nature. It sparks their curiosity and when they can connect with the outdoors they tend to listen and learn with greater ease.

Second, today’s kids need action and a fast paced transition. Bringing in an outdoor enthusiast that has a speaking style that engages the kids will have the students beaming with excitement.  The kids will feel like they are part of the presentation and will be fired up and entertained.

Third, kids love adventure. Bringing in a speaker that has climbed to the top of mountains looking for elk, or who has spent seven days in a small tent in the middle of Alaska, will spark a million questions with the kids. These questions will promote a learning experience that is priceless.

Fourth, kids love to hear about outdoor opportunities that they can get involved with. Make sure that the outdoor speaker that you bring in will explain to the kids what things their community has to offer. Kids love to hear what they can do in their local parks and the community education programs that are available. Most communities have outdoor camping, adventure camps, and nature days. The more they know, the more they will get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

Finally, after the speaker leaves the teachers can continue with the outdoor excitement in the classroom. Having the kids write and talk about what they learned will continue the learning process in a fun and exciting way for the kids. Take the momentum and have fun reading, writing and telling stories about the outdoors.

Bringing in an outdoor enthusiast to your school is a fun way to promote reading, writing and the outdoors.

Kevin Lovegreen
Award Winning Book Series

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