Grandma Introduced Me To My Friend Jesus

Author Kevin Lovegreen


An inspiring faith based book by Author Kevin Lovegreen   

Age Level: 9-15 : Grade Level: 4th-9th
Pages: 64


The last day of school is exciting for most kids, but for Kevin and Linda, it’s extra special. Besides putting seventh and ninth grade behind them, they’re now heading to their favorite place in the world: Grandma and Bapoe’s cabin. They can already picture the trees, the little log cabin they helped paint red, and that magical lake at the bottom of the hill. Little does Kevin know—this will be one of the most important summers of life.

This is the story of how one amazing grandmother opens the eyes and the heart of her quick-witted grandson. By the end of summer, Kevin is filled with the love of Jesus and excited to make Jesus proud. We can only imagine how this will affect his friends, his school, and the rest of his life.

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