Finding an Agent or Publisher

Finding an Agent or Publisher

Finding a book agent who is looking for a unique outdoor adventure book series is as difficult as creating an outdoor adventure book series that inspires boys to love reading. Actually, the latter is way easier for me.

I believe we all have special gifts to share and something way bigger than us has provided those gifts. One of my gifts that I am grateful for, is the ability to tell stories about hunting and fishing. These stories have come alive in the book series Lucky Luke’s Hunting Adventures. The feedback I have received from Media Specialists, parents and readers propels me to inspire as many kids as possible to enjoy reading, writing and the outdoors.

The Lucky Luke’s Hunting Adventures book series takes kids on amazing hunting and fishing adventures. The reader gets to experience climbing to the top of a mountain in Colorado and being face to face with a majestic bull elk. Or having that magical day on a lake, all to themselves, while pulling in trophy bass. To then, have your lucky lure stolen by a pesky northern pike. The ninth book in the series, called Moose Mania, takes kids into the wilds of Alaska where Lucky Luke and his family are in search of giant Moose and huge black bear.

I keep writing because of comments like these; “We can’t keep your books on our shelves”, “I love your books, I read one every night before bed”, “Finally a book for boys. Keep them coming”, “I have never seen my child so enthralled with a book. Thank you”, “These are the coolest books I have ever read.”
If you are a book agent or a publisher who is ready to partner with a professional, tenacious and unstoppable author/speaker, contact me today.

Kevin Lovegreen

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